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An unrequited love story, told through the eyes of Oscar, an autistic man, who learns to articulate his feelings and emotions through the use of The Streets lyrics.

Oscar makes daily visits to the same coffee shop, same time, same (complex) order, same exact change each time to pay for it. Rules are a coping mechanism, and he likes to stick to them. But when he meets Daisy, her ease and charm begin to unsettle him, and she soon becomes a source of his infatuation.


We sit with his perspective as he tries to navigate through the nuances of their friendship, relying on the poetic words of The Streets as a way to communicate his complex mix of emotions. It seems they are getting close, but does this mean they can be more than friends? And is it any different to a neuro-typical experience of the confusing dynamic between friendship and romance?


For Oscar, the subtlest of moments can feel incredibly significant and we feel the intensity of his delight, excitement, euphoria and pain at each development. When Oscar discovers he has misconstrued Daisy’s sweet natured attention as romantic affection, both his routine and his demeanour start to crumble.